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Razem w trosce o dom IKEA

In the years 2021-2022, we ran two editions of the project “Razem w trosce o dom” along with our strategic partner IKEA Retail in Poland. In 2023 we launched the third edition of the program.

The main goal of the project “Razem w trosce o dom” is to support in overcoming the crisis of refugee families by  stabilizing the housing situation . The project provides housing support and specialist advice.

“Razem w trosce o dom” I (January – August 2021)

During the first edition we improved the life situation of refugees in Poland, who were affected by the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lockdown had a negative impact on the situation of refugee families, who were already often in a difficult economic situation even before the epidemic.

 Almost 200 people benefited from housing support, more than half of whom were children. We provided in-kind help to nearly 900 people. We fed almost 330 people, as well as about 820 received hygiene and house cleaning products.

Over 300 people were actively consulted and supported by cultural mentors. 74 reached for psychological, psychiatric or legal support. We organized private lessons, extracurricular activities and creative workshops for refugee youth. Foreigners could also take part in free of charge from Polish language courses and their children were offered participation in summer camps.

“Razem w trosce o dom” II (January – August 2022)

Thanks to the 2nd edition of the project, it was possible not only to maintain support for 10 families, for whom assistance was continued after the 2021 edition, but we managed to enroll additional11 new families to the program, including 6 from the country Afghanistan.

 21 refugee families benefited from the support, a total of 118 people, including 40 adults and 78 children. 82 reached for counseling assistance which included  legal and psychological support as well as career advising. Psychological support was particularly invaluable in face of traumatic experiences of Afghan refugees at the Polish-Belarusian border.

 Legal assistance was crucial for seven families who are in the process of seeking international protection. Due to the complexity of the procedure, the high level of stress experienced by those involved, and the very low recognition rate of refugee applications in Poland (only about 250-300 individuals per year), the success rate of obtaining refugee status without legal assistance is very low..

 Career counseling was essential, as it improved  chances of securing employment on the Polish labor market. Each participating family additionally received individual support from integration specialists who helped them navigate the Polish reality, handle administrative matters, provide support in the healthcare field, establish needs, priorities, and action plans, and then implement them. Thanks to such support, one family also received an allocation of public housing, which gives them the chance to improve their long-term housing stability thus enabling them to exit the program. Participants in the project also benefited from advice from cultural mentors as a part of the Help Center for Foreigners of Ocalenie Foundation.

A total of 47 individuals received housing support in the form of rent subsidies as part of the project. Just like in the previous edition, housing support was crucial as it increased the basic stability for the beneficiaries.

The project’s positive results, achieved through comprehensive support, included maintaining housing stability for 10 families who had previously received assistance and increasing housing stability for an additional 7 families. The project also contributed to improved functioning and independence of the families by providing them with diverse assistance tailored to their needs, including psychological, legal, vocational, and individual integration support. Individual participants also improved their health and employment situations, increasing their chances for further improvement in independence.

“Razem w trosce o dom” III (January – August 2023)

The third edition of the “Razem w trosce o dom” project continues to support refugees in dire situations. The support will be provided in the form of housing assistance and professional aid (including counseling, legal assistance, psychological support, and career advising).

The specific goals include:

  • Reducing the risk of homelessness and falling into serious debt by increasing life stability through housing support;
  • Building financial independence for families through empowerment and support in finding employment;
  • Improving mental well-being and daily functioning through specialized assistance, counseling, and support from family assistants.

This year, we plan to support approximately 100 individuals with refugee experience as part of the project. These are refugee families facing material difficulties. Participation in the project will help them become more self-reliant and further integrate into Polish society.”

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