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Help Center for Foreigners

Help Center for Foreigners in Warsaw (CPC – Centrum Pomocy Cudzoziemcom) is a place where annually thousands of foreigners receive free help and can find a friendly space.

Our Mission

Unfortunately, the current state of the Polish government fails to improve the process of integration of migrants in its own territory. There are no official regulations nor reliable blueprints on which foreigners could safely and soundly build their future life in Poland, which among others would include: learning Polish language, adapting to the local labor market, securing the accommodation, providing education for their children or getting help in their own language in an emergency.

Since 2004 the Ocalenie Foundation has been providing assistance to those needs to the best of its abilities via Help Center for Foreigners. Our clients are refugees, immigrants and repatriates who are living in Warsaw and its vicinity, as well as asylum seekers, including residents of centers for foreigners in Targówek, Dębak and Linin. People residing in Poland without a valid permit can also benefit from the CPC’s assistance.

Scope of our services:

Thanks to CPC, we are capable of helping foreigners in various cases, among which includes:

  • assistance in daily matters especially when your Polish is not efficient enough to grasp the matter yourself, e.g. helping in contact with government offices, writing official letters, helping children to enroll to kindergartens and schools or matters related to accommodation;
  • providing a translator in contact with offices, schools and medical facilities
  • helping in writing a CV and look for employment
  • providing legal assistance in cases of legalizing your stay in Poland, asylum seeking, counteracting mistreatment at workplace.
  • we offer psychological support  for people with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD),
  • Free of charge Polish language courses for adults,
  • we provide children and youth with additional educational and cultural activities,
  • crisis support ( short-term accommodation, food, clothes, medicines),
  • in-kind assistance (clothing, cosmetics and hygiene products, supplies for children, school supplies, furniture, kitchen and home appliances)
  • organizing integration and cultural events for Warsaw residents, both Polish and immigrants.

We cooperate with social welfare institutions, other non-government organizations, informal groups and institutions that are sharing our goal in providing help and support for the integration of foreigners in Warsaw.

We also provide professional assistance for torture victims. More information: Help Center for Victims of Tortures

Support CPC

The Help Center for Foreigners needs financial support from individual and business donors. Public funds received by CPC from the budget of the City of Warsaw cover only 10% of the costs of running the Centre.

Support us with a one-time donation or set up a standing order and support us with a monthly payment.

From December 2021 to June 2024, the CPC and its activities are co-financed by the City of Warsaw, as part of the “Centrum Pomocy Cudzoziemcom IV” project.

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