Ongoing initiatives and projects

Comprehensive support for refugees as a part of IKEA donation

Thanks to our strategic partner IKEA,  as a part of the “Mid term support for refugees and migrants” program, we are able to carry on with assisting refugees and other migrants, who are currently living in Poland. Our support answers to foreigners’ urgent needs: obstacles to integration, challenges in financial areas, employment issues, mental health well being.

By participating in this project you can be additionally provided with following support:

  • Community centers for migrant children (integration and educational support for children and support for parents who are more likely to gain new skills and/or find a job with time given by childcare programme);
  • Psychological support (improvement of mental well-being);
  • Polish language courses for adults ( boost up your chances of successful integration and job search);
  • Career counseling and vocational training (boost up your chances of finding employment). 
  • Material and financial assistance in the form of shopping vouchers (preventing marginalization).

These activities are complemented by external communication/educational efforts addressed to the Polish society.

The Mid-term support for refugees and migrants in Poland project is set from July 2022 to December 2023 as part of the IKEA donation.

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