Community center for children

The Ocalenie Foundation labors toward the wellbeing of  children and youth that have refugee and migration experience. We aim to provide them with safe conditions to learn, play and develop. As part of the Help Center for Foreigners, we offer psychological help to the youngest.

For over a decade, children of various nationalities have been provided here with help in learning Polish and in doing homework. The Community Center for Children in Łomża is open throughout the school year from Monday to Friday, and during holidays we organize trips, summer camps and other activities for children and teenagers. The initiative of opening it was a response to the needs of the large Chechen community, large part of which are families with children. Even though it has slightly changed its profile over the years, the Centre still works and is invariably needed. Since 2020, many children from Belarus have benefited from the support in the day room, and now as well children fleeing from the war in Ukraine.

If you want to enroll your child in our Community Center for Children, write to us: [email protected]

We will contact you and provide information on how to do this.

After the first consultation at the headquarters of the Ocalenie Foundation in Łomża, you can seek from us psychological support for children and youth. We provide consultations in the following languages: Polish and Russian. We organize consultations in other languages with the support of a trained translator.


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