Polish Language Learning

The Ocalenie Foundation runs free, stationary Polish language courses for foreigners in the city of Łomża. The classes are usually held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and during weekends. During the school year, on Tuesdays and Thursdays classes are held in the classroom of the neighboring school, and on weekends classes take place in our Communal Center at ul. Sadowa 8. One class lasts 2 teaching hours, i.e. 90 minutes.

All adult foreigners living in Warsaw can apply for the course. Refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants from outside of the European Union, and students continuing learning with us have priority, but everyone is welcome.

Our approach is communicative language teaching (CLT). We want the people coming to Poland and planning to stay here for longer to be able to communicate in the Polish language as soon as possible.

In Łomża, lessons are taught by a Russian language teacher.

Currently we provide classes for 2 groups: beginners and advanced. With the teachers’ consent, new people can be admitted to classes.

Classes are held twice a week (Monday to Thursday) and on weekends. Each lasts 90 minutes.

We teach at the beginner level. Currently, the most advanced language level you can achieve while studying with us is A2 (Elementary).

You ought to contact the Help Center for Foreigners in Łomża (CPC Łomża) in order to register and join the Polish language group on WhatsApp.

To be admitted to our courses you need to

  1. Live in Poland as an immigrant. 
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Provide the requested documents. 

Rules of our courses:

  1. Only signed students and the teacher might participate in the classes. Occasionally, Fundacja Ocalenie employees or associates might be invited to a class as observers. 
  2. Participation in the classes is obligatory.  In case of absence, a student is obliged to inform the teacher or the Polish language courses Team. More than 1 unexplained absence may result in removal from participants list. It would mean that you will not be able to apply for the courses in future.  
  3. In exceptional situations, Fundacja Ocalenie might change the date of a lesson or cancel it. It would be communicated to all students. 
  4. If a message does not reach a student as a result of a situation beyond our control, Fundacja Ocalenie would not be liable for it. 
  5. In cases which are beyond the control of the organizer, Fundacja Ocalenie reserves a right to cancel a course. 
  6. Students may resign from participation in the course at any time. In such cases, a student is obliged to inform the organizer. 
  7. Students might change a group only in justified cases and if there are available places.
  8. During the on-line classes students are obliged to turn their cameras and microphones on. 
  9. It is forbidden to record classes.
  10. Participation in classes under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct classes in the morning, afternoon and evening. The earliest starts at 8.00, the last ends at 21.00.

The days and hours of classes for a given group are determined only after the recruitment process is completed and depend on the availability of teachers – volunteers conducting the courses.

You can take classes with one group only, on certain days and times. If you cannot arrange your work schedule so that you can regularly attend lessons, unfortunately we will not be able to sign you up for the course.

We currently do not run such courses.

As we are not a language school, therefore we do not conduct exams and we are not authorized to issue certificates or other proofs of language proficiency. At your request, we can only issue a certificate of participation in a Polish language course at a given level.

Our courses are stationary and we run them only in Łomża. We invite people who will be able to come for lessons twice a week to our headquarters. Other branches of the Ocalenie Foundation run stationary courses in Łódź and Warsaw.

We accept a maximum of 12 people for each group.

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