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Comprehensive Support for Foreigners in Łomża

The Ocalenie Foundation has been running the Help Center for Foreigners (CPC) in Łomża since 2006. Foreigners residing in Łomża and near its vicinity may receive adaptive support, psychological assistance, legal support as well as they may be introduced to the local labor market. The CPC also operates a community center for  children with immigrant and refugee experience  and they may receive help with learning the Polish language, completing homework assignments. Additionally they are given an opportunity to participate in artistic, culinary, sports, and integration activities.

Both Help Center for Foreigners and the Community Center in Łomża were co-financed through a monetary donation from the strategic partner, BNP Paribas Foundation from July 2022 to July 2023.

The donation covers the costs of both urgent and long-term activities that support integration and the self-sufficiency of foreign individuals, including partial coverage of legal and psychological assistance, mentoring consultations, career counseling, and educational sessions.

In 2022, a total of 684 individuals benefited from the support of the Foreigners Assistance Center in Łomża, including 649 individuals for the first time. Since February 2022, there have been 3,662 mentoring consultations, 1,224 legal consultations, and 168 career counseling sessions. In 2023, 34 individuals are attending Polish language classes.

More information about the activities of the CPC and the community center in Łomża can be found here: CPC and Community Center in Łomża.


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