About us

Ocalenie Foundation supports refugees, immigrants and repatriates, who are trying to build their new life in Poland.

The Ocalenie Foundation has been operating since 2000 by supporting immigrants in their integration and individual development. Our work bet on intercultural dialogue and strengthening civil society with the aim to provide every person with the opportunity to live with dignity and in respect of their rights.

What do we do

We assist foreigners  by running the Help Center for Foreigners in Warsaw, Łódź, and Łomża. We also operate a Community Center for refugee children in Łomża. We provide free Polish language courses, conduct adaptive and integration programs, and help in finding rooms and apartments.

We educate society by conducting workshops on refugees and anti-discrimination, fostering integration, engaging volunteers, organizing integration events, and participating in public debates.

We collaborate with schools, universities, public institutions, companies, and international organizations.”

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