Ongoing initiatives and projects

Pracownik Fundacji Ocalenie siedzący przy biurku w Centrum Pomocy Cudzoziemcom pomaga wypełnić starszej kobiecie formularz.

Integration Program for Foreigners in the city of Łódź

As part of the project, Segro Poland Sp. z o.o. will finance a number of activities encouraging the professional integration of foreigners residing in the City of Łódź.

Wnętrze magazynu, w którym znajdują się pudełka i ubrania. Na drugim planie mężczyzna z wózkiem transportowym wychodzi z pomieszczenia.

24 month project sponsored by CARE

The project, planned for 24 months (July 2022 – June 2024), is dedicated to refugees and migrants living in Poland, including (but not limited to) refugees who arrived from Ukraine after the Russian invasion and asylum seekers on the Polish-Belarussian border.

Osoba pracownicza Fundacji Ocalenie siedząca przy biurku w Centrum Pomocy Cudzoziemcom udziela pomocy osobom klienckim.

Continuation of Activities of the Help Center for Foreigners (CPC) in Warsaw, Łódź, and Łomża

The main goal of the project is to support key competencies of foreigners, especially refugees and individuals with complementary protection status, residing in the three cities – Warsaw, Łódź, and Łomża.

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